A Korean Restaurant’s Owner Becomes Irritated After Seeing a Customer Taking Photos of the Place

Your food bucket list will never be complete unless you have tasted Korean food. Nowadays, you can see many Korean restaurants or even food stalls in the Metro. There are even eating places that offer budget-friendly treats to satisfy your cravings.

The secret to good Korean food is its ancient Confucian philosophy: the texture, flavor, and healthiness are all in perfect balance. Since most meals are made as “family size,” it is perfect for sharing. Meals are accompanied by an array of side dishes that can make you feel full after every meal, that is why Filipinos enjoy eating at Korean restaurants.

A Filipino blogger, who was thinking of enjoying a meal in a Korean restaurant in BGC, did not expect that he will get a bad treatment from the owner himself.

[Image Credit: Franco Ayson / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Franco Ayson / Facebook]

Bad Experience

Franco Ayson was craving to try and cover an article for a Korean restaurant in BGC. According to him, he did not send a proposal or an ex-deal to ask for free meals. His intention is for the positive benefit of the restaurant and to enjoy a nice meal before the long weekend.

While waiting for the orders, he took the chance to get some good shots of the place. Before he took some photos, he asked the staff first if pictures are allowed. He also mentioned that he wants to blog about the place so the staff gave him a go signal.

However, after a few minutes, someone called his attention. The staff referred to the person as the restaurant owner.

[Image Credit: Franco Ayson / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Franco Ayson / Facebook]

Owner’s Response

The owner asked him who is he and what is he doing. Franco introduced himself as a blogger and informed him that he wants to do a blog about the place. After the owner repeated the same questions he asked, the blogger asked if photos are not allowed, to which he responded with a “no.”

According to Franco, the owner did not shout but the tone doesn’t sound right. He also thinks that he doesn’t deserve the treatment since he paid P2,500 for the food and there are no signs that taking photos is prohibited. Plus, there are photos of the place on different social media platforms.

Due to the bad service he received, Franco decided to share it on Facebook. He also mentioned that he will never eat in the restaurant again.

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Posted by Franco Ayson on Wednesday, March 28, 2018


As of writing, we are waiting for the restaurant’s response regarding the issue. If the restaurant owner can read this article, Definitely Filipino is open to hearing your side as well.

If you are in his shoes, how do you think you will handle the situation? We would love to know how you will handle this. Let us know in the comments section.

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