Netizen Shares the Importance of Eating Breakfast After Suffering From Health Consequences

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Even doctors emphasize the importance of breakfast over the years and we were advised not to miss it.

Eating breakfast first day in the morning is a rule that applies to everyone, with no exemption. A netizen named Ella May Tubio Laosantos shared the importance and the value of eating a meal in the morning regularly after she suffered from the painful symptoms of gastritis and ulcer.

Lesson For Everyone

In a Facebook post, Ella narrated that while she’s studying in college, she rarely ate breakfast in the morning because she always woke up late in the morning. She often skips breakfast to go to school to avoid being late.

Due to her habit in the past, she is suffering from constipation, stomachaches, and vomiting now. When she consulted a doctor, the tests showed that she is suffering from hyperacidity and peptic ulcer.

The worst part is that her ulcer would take time to heal. She easily gets sick and she had to go back to the hospital every now and then for the treatment.

Dumating din sa point na every morning paggising ko namimilipit ako sa sakit ng tiyan, nagsusuka ako every morning yung sinusuka ko sobrang paet na then color yellow na ung sinusuka ko. Yung feeling na aayaw ka na sumuka dahil masakit at hirap kana sumuka pero ayan pdn susuka at susuka ka pdn hanggang sa lumabas ung acid. After kong sumuka ng sumuka maghapon lng akong nakahiga dahil nakakapanghina.

[Image Credit: Ella May Tubio Laosantos / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ella May Tubio Laosantos / Facebook]

Worse Result

After diagnosis, Ella suffered from a painful stomach ache when she had a large meal at a restaurant in Chinatown. The doctor who examined her informed her that she could no longer eat heavily.

The worse part is, after consultation and ultrasound, the doctor stated that her condition worsened. She was diagnosed with gastritis.

This story is a wake-up call for netizens to never skip breakfast. Read the story here and learn from Ella’s story:

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Posted by Ella May Tubio Laosantos on Thursday, March 22, 2018


What did you learn from this? Do you have any suggestions to alleviate gastritis?

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