Illegal Recruiter Promises a Job to a Filipina and Eventually Left Her Wandering the Streets of Malaysia

Thousands of Filipinos are leaving the country everyday to work abroad. When you visit another country, it can be easy to spot other Filipinos in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, Australia, and the Middle East.

Overseas Filipino Workers have different reasons when it comes to working in another country. Some of them are looking for better employment opportunities while there are others who were influenced by their families and friends who are working as OFWs.

But if you’ll see, the biggest reason why people choose to work in another country is because of the bigger salary and better benefits that you can get. Most employers will give you twice or even thrice of the salary that you can get in the Philippines. This is the reason why Apple Ramos was convinced to work in Malaysia.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

What Happened to Her?

In a Facebook post shared by another Filipino, Angel Joy, she explained how she saw Apple wandering the streets in Sabah, Malaysia. When she talked to her, she was surprised to hear that she became a victim of illegal recruitment.

According to Apple, she was promised to have a job in Malaysia. However, upon arrival in Malaysia, she was surprised to know that she there’s no job waiting for her in the country.

She was forced to stay in a friend’s house. Apple also explained that her visa is already expired.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Different Story?

There are comments circulating in the video that the poor Filipino used to work in a pub in Sabah. According to the comments, she used to have a good life in the country but she chooses to live with a fisherman on the other side of the country.

Other netizens also pointed out how angry the voice of the video taker is. Some are also saying that it looks like the person taking the video is telling her what to say.

Watch the video here:

Apple Ramos

Posted by OFW CCTV on Thursday, March 15, 2018


No matter what the reason is, we hope our kababayan can return to her family in the Philippines.

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