Husband and Wife Shares Their Successful Participation in the 52 Weeks Challenge

Most of the time, the hardest part of saving is getting started. Finding simple ways to start your savings, saving money and how to use your savings to pursue your financial goals can be difficult, especially if you are just starting a family.

The first step to save money is to figure out how much you can spend. If you want to save money, you need to keep track of all your expenses, including the small things like coffee, snacks or candies. Your budget should outline how your expenses are measuring up to your income – you need to plan your spending, stick to your proposed budget, and limit overspending.

What better way to make 2018 productive is by doing a 52 Weeks Money Challenge. If you are still looking to have a new saving habit, this couple will surely inspire you to save and manage your money better.

[Image Credit: Annabell Degamo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Annabell Degamo / Facebook]

Taking Part in the Challenge

In the Facebook group Peso Sense Savers Group, Annabell Degamo shared how she and her husband, Bioco Ricky took part in the 52 Weeks Challenge. According to her, they started last August 9, 2017, and everything is doing well until the 33rd week.

Unfortunately, her husband lost his job and they were not able to reach 52 weeks. They needed to use the money they saved as starting capital for the Motolite Business they were discussing.

[Image Credit: Annabell Degamo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Annabell Degamo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Annabell Degamo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Annabell Degamo / Facebook]

The Secret

You might be thinking: how were they able to stick to their commitment to the 52 Weeks Challenge? The secret: dedication. Instead of putting their savings in a coin bank where they can easily get their money, they used an empty water container instead.

After getting their savings in the container, they were able to collect 29,353. Not bad for saving for 33 weeks, right?

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Are you inspired to save after reading this story? Because we sure are! Now, where is our empty water bottle…

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