How to Deal With Your Child’s Tantrums and Aggression

When your child is in the middle of a tantrum, it can be tough to keep yourself from having your own meltdown too.

Based on studies, children throw tantrums when they want to communicate because they need something: they need milk, a diaper change or a toy but they don’t have the language skill to do it. Since they do not know what to say, they throw a fit because of frustration.

[Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures]
[Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures]

Dealing With Toddlers

How should you deal with toddler behavior problems? A mommy blogger shares different ways on how you can deal with aggression, hitting, and biting.

According to the Forever Mommy page, being aggressive is a part of growing up for children. Since they want to be more independent, they tend to be aggressive and start hitting other people. There are different ways on how to deal with this.

Be calm. Shouting, hitting or telling the toddler that he or she is a bad girl or boy cannot help in raising your child with a positive attitude. Instead, they will start to find new things to annoy you and catch your attention. Showing your child that you are calm will help calm them too.

Reinforce a good behavior to your children. Instead of minding your child when he did something wrong, call their attention when they do something good too. If your child wants to play, instead of telling him to play alone, approach him and play with him.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Discipline your child consistently. As much as possible, show the same reaction whenever your child is showing signs of aggression. Showing predictable responses will give your child a pattern and eventually, he will learn from them. He will know that if did something wrong, there will be consequences in return.

Keep your toddler active. You might notice that if your toddler cannot use his energy in playing or doing other things, he will use it at home. If your child is very active, make sure that you allow him to have enough time to play outside.

Get help from the experts. Sometimes, your child’s attitude can be a handful and you need to get the help from the experts. Talk to the doctor if your child is:

  • Showing aggression that lasts for several weeks.
  • Always fighting with other children.
  • Attacking people older than him or her.
  • Your efforts to change his mindset is not effective.

You are not alone in this battle. A lot of parents are also dealing with their children’s aggression and tantrums.

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Posted by Forever Mommy on Tuesday, March 27, 2018


How about you? Do you have any tips and tricks for handling children’s aggression and tantrums?

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