Homeless Man Pays Back Guy Who’s Been Giving Him Food, Fights Burglars Robbing His House

In the sad reality of today’s world, there are so many homeless people living in the streets – and many of us don’t want to deal with them at all, choosing to ignore them as we hurry on with our lives.

One guy who goes by the name KhEn Bernard DU Dionisio on Facebook shared a heartwarming experience he had with a homeless guy who ‘lives’ just outside his home.

According to Dionisio, he’s been giving the guy some food for quite some time now as the older man likes to sit outside their gate. When he has extra money, he shares some to the older man; though he didn’t really expect anything in return.

Photo credit: KhEn Bernard DU Dionisio / Facebook

One day, though, the homeless man repaid his kindness by fighting burglars who were robbing his house.

Dionisio shared that he was dining at a Jollibee outlet when he suddenly felt uneasy. Unsure of what was happening but still feeling strange, he barely finished his food.

He rushed home as he felt like some strange force was pulling him, only to find the homeless man fighting with two guys whose faces were unfamiliar to him.

It turned out these strangers were robbers who tried to get inside his room as he had forgotten to close the door properly but the homeless man risked his life, fighting off the two until help arrived.

Humbled by the experience, Dionisio shared a photo of himself with the homeless guy who had taken back his post outside the gate. He said that many people ignore homeless guys like this man but he just couldn’t believe that it was such a kind of person that would help him in his hour of need…

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