Graduation Speech of an OFW’s Daughter is Breaking Countless Hearts

March is the time of the year when we often hear graduation songs and see several graduation photos on social media.

Graduation is one of the sweetest achievements that every student and parent could have. All the hardships, sacrifices, sleepless nights, examinations, long homework, and surprise quizzes are all worth it and paid once you march in the center during your graduation.

Once a student graduates, it is an indication of a greener pasture and an elevation to a newer and higher level. Some are going to another country to work and give their parents a better life as a way of showing and expressing their appreciation after several long years of their parents’ sacrifices.

Heartbreaking Graduation Speech

This viral graduation speech of an Overseas Filipino worker’s daughter is breaking countless hearts. This graduation speech is something that everyone should watch and listen.

At first, the student thanked everyone and God above all for making such event happen to them.

Nagpapasalamat po ako sa isang napakagandang karangalan na inpinagkaloob Niya po sa amin. Isa pong karangalan na makapag-salita sa inyong harapan.

[Image Credit: Boy Viral / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Boy Viral / Facebook]

Parents’ Sacrifices

The newly graduate acknowledged the parents of the other graduates for their hardships and unwavering support and effort for their children. She gave emphasis on parents who are working as Overseas Filipino Workers who were forced to work in other countries to earn bigger and give their loved ones a more comfortable life.

This is when she started to break down in tears, even in front of other people, since she is in the same situation where her parents are far away and could not celebrate her triumph on that day.

Pero sa isang tulad ko na anak ng isang OFW… mahirap sa aking na wala sa tab ko ang mama at papa ko. Nakakalungkot isipin na sa tuwing may pagpupulong at deliberation of honors wala sila sa tabi ko.

[Image Credit: Boy Viral / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Boy Viral / Facebook]
Prepare your tissue and handkerchief before watching the video here:


Sobrang nakakaiyak naman itong GRADUATION SPEECH ng anak ng isang OFW. Maraming makakarelate dito. Please SHARE natin.. :'(

Posted by Boy Viral on Tuesday, March 27, 2018


In what way do you think you can show appreciation to your parents’ sacrifices?

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