Government Officials Meet With Employers in Kuwait to Discuss OFWs’ Rights

Due to the increasing number of abused Overseas Filipino Workers in other countries, especially in the Middle East, the government decided to meet with different leaders of the world. In Kuwait alone, several OFWs died for unknown reasons which prompted the Philippine government and President Rodrigo Duterte to impose an employment ban in the country.

[Image Credit: Ed Badajos / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ed Badajos / Facebook]

Discussing the Amnesty Program

To solve the issue, the Philippine delegation, led by a senior foreign affairs official, arrived in Kuwait last March 29 to meet with Filipino workers and Kuwaiti officials. Department undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs, Sarah Lou Arriola, was accompanied by members of the Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs’ rapid response team to assist the Philippine embassy in repatriating undocumented OFWs who availed the amnesty granted by the government of Kuwait.

We are here to be with our kababayans para kumustahin sila and to ensure that the repatriation efforts are conducted compassionately and courageously.

[Image Credit: Ed Badajos / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ed Badajos / Facebook]

Rights of the OFWs

Other than discussing Kuwait’s amnesty program, the consulate also talked to the OFWs’ employers. The rights of these OFWs, especially the domestic helpers, were discussed to the employers, including the following:

  • Right to keep their documents (including passport and visa)
  • Right to have one day of paid rest every week
  • Right to have a clean and safe sleeping place
  • Right to get their salary on time

The employers also need to give OFWs at least 30 days of paid leave annually. They also have to provide round-trip tickets every two years.

[Image Credit: Ed Badajos / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ed Badajos / Facebook]
The consulate will also talk to the Filipino workers and their employers in the Western Region of Saudi, including Jeddah where there are domestic helpers who are reporting that they are suffering from *****.

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This is definitely good news for our fellow OFWs in Kuwait. It will protect the interest of our migrant workers, especially those who are fearing for their safety.

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