Girl Suffers from Traumatic Brain Injuries, Nearly **** after Getting Assaulted by Bullies

A 16-year-old girl suffered traumatic brain injuries and is still on the brink of ***** after getting assaulted by a group of bullies, one boy and three girls.

The bullied girl’s brother, Jansen Custodio, shared photos of his sister Loida and the alleged bullies in a Facebook post. He angrily narrated how the bullies got angry when his sister fought back, most likely fed up with the bullying she has suffered from these other kids; thus, they assaulted her.

Photo credit: Jansen Custodio / Facebook

The guy was the one who hit her hard on the back and her neck, making her weak while the girls pulled her hair. One of the girls also grabbed Loida by the hair and slammed her head on the ground, causing her to lose consciousness.

Despite Loida being unconscious the group allegedly continued to assault her until an onlooker shouted that she could be **** or dying and must be brought to the hospital immediately.

Photo credit: Jansen Custodio / Facebook

Jansen said that his sister was having seizures and was unconscious for 6 hours. In his anger, he posted the alleged bullies photos on Facebook. What’s sad is that like his sister, the bullies were minors; thus, it’s quite likely they will be able to get away from the crime they committed…

Get well soon, Loida!

Click here to read Jansen’s post.

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