Watch: A Gay Student Slapped and Mauled a Pregnant Girl in the Middle of the Street

Pregnant women have a high risk of having a miscarriage during the early stage of pregnancy if they are not careful. Doctors and elderly are always advising a pregnant woman to be careful of her movements and avoid getting tired.

Viral Video

A viral video that recently caught the attention of many netizens involves a bullying incident between a gay and a female student, who was later found out as pregnant.

The video, uploaded by Facebook user Aco C Rodrigo Armas Jr. (who revealed that he is the brother-in-law of the girl), started with the two students in a heated confrontation about school matters and a lost watch. The gay student suddenly lashed out, mauled, and slapped the woman, who immediately fought back.

However, the other student is too strong for her and the pregnant woman ended up being dragged in the middle of the street as the gay slapped and punched her. He was also pinning her by holding her by the hair and continuously dragging her around.

Others Were Just Watching Them Fight

People criticised their classmates, particularly a friend who was seen posing for the camera. They did not stop the two students from fighting against each other, worrying that they will be included in the fight. There are even several other students, who were not shown in the video, who were laughing at the background.

[Image Credit: Aco C Rodrigo Armas Jr. / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Aco C Rodrigo Armas Jr. / Facebook]
The fight stopped when a man happened to pass by the street, stepped out of his vehicle, and pushed the gay student away. He even reasoned out that he already let go of her but since the girl was still fighting back, he hurt her again.

Watch the video here.

Whatever the girl did, the gay student doesn’t have any rights to hurt her physically. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.

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