Funny Exchange of Conversation Between a Statistician and a Graduate School Student

A thesis is one of the most memorable parts of college life. Writing a thesis proves that it is very difficult for most students. Although many of us can carry out researching with ease, writing a research document in the form of a thesis is something that not all of us can do easily.

You may still remember the different kinds of difficulties you experienced before you graduate in college: from thinking of the topic, formulating the thesis questionnaire, and preparing the paper itself. Plus, before you can finally do a proper defense in front of a panel, you need a credible proofreader and statistician to check the paper.

Although there are quite a number of credible proofreaders who can do the job, there are only a few statisticians in the country. This is why some of them charge thousands of peso — not only because of their credentials but because the task is tedious. A statistician shared a funny story where a Graduate School student is asking her for her services’ rates.

[Image Credit: Sam / flickr]
[Image Credit: Sam / flickr]

How Much?

Milaine Santos, a teacher in a popular university in Manila, is also working as a statistician on the side. One day, she received a message from a Graduate School student asking for her rates for statistics computation for her paper.

Milaine diligently provided her rates from senior high paper to undergraduate. Since, according to her, she’s not yet confident with her credentials, she is only charging 1,500 pesos for a Master’s paper.

[Image Credit: Milaine Santos / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Milaine Santos / Facebook]

Just Pressing the Buttons on Her Calculator

The person on the other end was surprised to know the rate. Instead of asking for a discount, she told the teacher that she’s only pressing buttons on her calculator. After reading the response, Milaine asked the person how much her budget is.

The student informed her that she can only pay 300 because it’s only math. Instead of getting angry, Milaine said that she can accept the rate, provided that the student will compute it and she will cheer her while doing so.

[Image Credit: Milaine Santos / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Milaine Santos / Facebook]
Read the funny conversation here:

Wahahaha. Hindi ako usually sumasagot sa mga ganitong low-ballers pero dahil naka-dalawang cups ako ng kape ngayong…

Posted by Milaine Santos on Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Can you still remember how much you paid for the statistician for your paper? Do you find this conversation funny too?

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