Coins for a Chance in Life: To Finance a Baby Boy’s Liver Transplant, His Mother is Asking for Spare Change

The hardest thing about saving money is how to get started. It can be very difficult to figure out simple ways on how to save money and how to use your savings in pursuing your financial goals.

Saving up depends on the person or the family. Some people are building an emergency fund. Emergency funds make all the difference. There are also others who establish their own budget by using the envelope or cash systems.

Unfortunately, not all people have the financial capability to save up for their families. Because of their inability to save up, especially during difficult times, some are ending up looking for ways on how they can get money.

[Image Credit: Amethyst Mayo Cantor / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Amethyst Mayo Cantor / Facebook]

Spare Coins for Rimmuel’s Liver Transplant

A mother named Amethyst Mayo Cantor is knocking on our doors to help her and her child, Rimmuel, for his liver transplant. To help with their hospital bills and cost for the surgery, Amethyst is asking for coins from kind-hearted people.

As of writing, the family already has the following number of coins:

5 cents (2000 pcs) = 100
10 cents (3400 pcs) = 340
25 cents (17400 pcs) = 5140
1 peso (1900 pcs) = 1900

Totaling to PHP7440.

Since the coins come in bulk, the mother is patiently dividing them. Everyone knows how expensive a liver transplant is, especially if the patient involved is a baby.

[Image Credit: Amethyst Mayo Cantor / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Amethyst Mayo Cantor / Facebook]

Knocking on Our Doors

The family is knocking on our doors to spare them any lose changes. A little goes a long way, and in this case, can save a life of a baby boy. For any donations, please don’t hesitate to send Amethyst a message.

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Natapus kudin lhat sa pagbbilang ng 5 10 25 cents natpus kdin po huhuhuhu para to sau ank rimmuel (tuytuy)…😢😢Kapit…

Posted by Amethyst Mayo Cantor on Friday, March 23, 2018


Although the amount that they have is still not enough to support the medical costs, it just shows that the coins that are just lying on your bags can help save a life and give a chance for Baby Rimmuel to live.

Hopefully, the family will be able to save enough money for Baby Rimmuel’s immediate surgery.

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