An Filipino Traveler Shares How a 13-Year-Old Good Samaritan Helped and Never Left Him In Times of Need

With the bad things and situations happening in the world, we often ask ourselves: are Good Samaritans still existing? If you are not sure, you will be convinced there still is, after reading this story.

A Filipino shared a story of how he received compassion and help from a 13-year-old boy from Malaysia. Ady Sacol shared his wonderful experience to let everyone know that nice and helpful people still exist in the world.

Good Samaritan 

Ady was experiencing unbearable pain after suffering from a motorbike accident a few hours before his flight. He met Sean at the Phuket International Airport. Sean was on his way home since his father passed away and he sat beside Ady at their boarding gate.

After seeing that Ady was badly injured, Sean asked him if he’s hungry and what food he wants to eat. Ady reached out for his wallet but the teenager still insisted on paying for his order. After their boarding gate changed, Sean still remained beside him. Not only that, Sean also brought Ady’s 15kg backpack from their current gate to Gate 14, which, according to Ady, is a 15-minute walk.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Sean also accompanied Ady on a special vehicle that is especially used by disabled passengers. Unfortunately, upon arrival at KLIA2, there was no wheelchair available for Ady’s use so Sean proceeded to lift and carry him until the airport buggy arrived.

But the unfortunate events did not end there. The buggy was only available on the third floor so Ady needed to use the lift to go down the second floor. Since there was no wheelchair or buggy available, Sean took a cart, had Ady sit on it, and pushed him until the immigration.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Helpful Until the End

They had to take separate ways as Foreign and Malaysian passport holders have different lines for immigration. Ady, thinking it’s already the end of their meeting, said “thank you” and expressed his gratitude to the kind teenager. However, after he passed immigration, he was surprised to see Sean waiting for him outside with a cup of cold juice. Sean also proceeded to unload his luggage from the carousel and pushed the cart for him.

The 13-year-old Good Samaritan never left his side until Sean’s driver arrived. The teenager also insisted to let his driver help Ady but Ady declined as he already received a lot of help.

[Image Credit: Ady Locas / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ady Sacol / Facebook]
To thank him for his help, Ady turned to Facebook and referred Sean as an angel and treasure to his family and friends. Ady said that Sean had booked a permanent spot in his memory.

It has become apparent to me just how important connections are and how utterly important it is to keep expanding your connections.

What sometimes may seem like a chance encounter can lead to so much more. That is if your open to the possibility that there is more to the world than just your own bubble.

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****Update*** Just to clear things out, its not the fault of KLIA2. What happened was AirAsia Malaysia will charge 60…

Posted by Ady Sacol on Friday, March 9, 2018

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