Family Shares Their Experience With the Alleged ‘Rude’ Owner After They Brought Food Inside the Resort’s Premises

No Outside Food or Drink Allowed — it is a familiar sign that many restaurants have. This sign warns patrons from bringing in outside food or beverages. Some places have a clear explanation: according to them, the health code requires you to consume only the things you bought in the restaurant where you are sitting.

The sign No Outside Food or Drink Allowed has been a continuous debate for many consumers and business owners. Consumers believe that they should have the freedom to bring the things that they want while business owners want to be firm with their regulation.

There is another case of confusion on the No Outside Food or Drink Allowed sign which caused a commotion in a resort and hotel in Rizal.

[Image Credit: My Door Sign]
[Image Credit: My Door Sign]

No Outside Food and Drink

In a Facebook video shared by Kat Martinez-Tan, the middle-aged owner and the complainant were arguing because of the sign. The complainants bought food inside the premises for the kids.

According to Martinez-Tan, the owner approached them while they were eating.

Owner: Plato ba namin yan.
Them: Yes po
Owner: Nagdala kayo ng pagkain, bawal yan.
Them: Pasensya na po, para sa mga bata po yung dalang food.
Owner: Wala akong pakialam. Nagorder ba kayo samin?
Them: Nagorder din po. Pasensya na po.
Owner: Bawal yan alam niyo ba.

They have an explanation why they were forced to take out their own food. It took the order (chicken and tinola) two hours to be served and all their kids were very hungry. According to the woman in the video, they were not able to see the sign too.

[Image Credit: Kat Martinez-Tan / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Kat Martinez-Tan / Facebook]

Wants a Refund

Due to the incident, the complainants want to get a refund for the accommodation they paid. The complainants apologized to the cashier (who is possibly a relative of the owner), they were able to get their money back for the accommodation, less the entrance fee.

Watch the video here:


The resort and hotel is yet to explain their side regarding the incident. Definitely Filipino is open to hearing their side as well.

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