Domestic Helper in Riyadh Shares How Her New Female Employer Starves Her For 20 Days and Refuses to Pay Her Salary

Why do a lot of Filipinos want to work overseas?

If you’ll ask Filipinos this question, you will receive many different answers. For professionals, leaving the country means pursuing better career opportunities. Nurses leave the Philippines once they are eligible to work overseas while IT specialists get brighter careers abroad.

But what really pushes Filipinos to leave their families and loved ones behind? Most of them will cite financial reasons. Many Filipinos decide to be Overseas Filipino Workers to earn more for the family. A few years of sacrifices can mean a lot. They can send their children to better schools, start a business, and buy properties.

This is the same reason why an OFW named Kadigia Baliwan Makalma decided to work abroad. However, she did not expect that she will have a horrifying experience with her employer.

[Image Credit: Pinoy Ofw Pautwasan / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Pinoy Ofw Pautwasan / Facebook]

Maltreated and Abused

Another concerned OFW shared her video call with Kadigia Baliwan Makalma who is working as a domestic helper in Riyadh for a month. According to Kadigia, her employers are treating her nicely until her male employer marries a new woman. The new female employer refused to feed her for 20 days and she is no longer feeling well. The food that her madame is giving her is spoiled and smells bad. The said person also withheld her salary.

These actions are not enough. The female employer also beats her physically and locks the domestic helper in her room. She can only get out of the room once her madame is already awake.

[Image Credit: Pinoy Ofw Pautwasan / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Pinoy Ofw Pautwasan / Facebook]
The poor domestic helper doesn’t know where exactly she is. All of her documents, including her passport, were confiscated upon her arrival. Her agency, Gold Fortune Human Resources Corporation in the Philippines and Al Hamah Recruitment Office in Riyadh, are not aware of the domestic helper’s condition.

The domestic helper wants to return to her family in the Philippines. She also hopes that the video will reach her family for them to know that she is still alive.

Watch the videos here:

Tulongan po natin si kabayan nasa riyadh po siya ngayun. Binubogbog siya nang amo niyang babae at hindi siya pinapakain…

Posted by Pinoy Ofw Pautwasan on Tuesday, March 6, 2018


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