Domestic Helper in Kuwait Cries for Help: Employers Always Beat and Scorch Her, Resulting to Several Bruises and Burns on Her Body

The Philippines is home to many overseas workers who are trying their best to give a better life for their families. These hardworking Overseas Filipino Workers are enduring years of being away from their loved ones and spend several hours of working abroad. These Pinoy workers are gambling their life to secure a better future for their families back in the country.

Life as an OFW is not easy. A lot of our hardworking OFWs are not lucky to find better fortune abroad. One of the issues that they are facing include physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual ***** from the hands of their employers. Take this story of an abused and maltreated OFW as an example.

[Image Credit: De Guzman Sagun / Facebook]
[Image Credit: De Guzman Sagun / Facebook]

Several Burns and Bruises

Several videos of an OFW asking for help is catching the attention of netizens on Facebook. According to Ramyer Bryan Curt Gaayon, the person who posted the videos, Britchie Lyn Magsoyo is working as a domestic helper for a family in Kuwait. However, with the ***** and maltreatment that she is suffering from the hands of her current employer, she cannot stand it anymore and wishes to come back to her family in the Philippines.

In the said videos, Britchie is showing her body full of burns and bruises. Britchie also recalled how her employers beat her. According to her, the employer’s eldest child complained to his parents since the domestic helper is not playing with him. After hearing the complaint, the employers scorched and beat her using kitchen utensils, resulting in several burns and bruises on her body.

[Image Credit: Ramyer Bryan Curt Gaayon / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ramyer Bryan Curt Gaayon / Facebook]
Watch the video here.

The domestic helper is currently residing at Zunup Sura Zhajra, Block 5, Street 514, House 24. She cannot go to the police to seek help since her male employer is a police in Kuwait.

Let’s all pray for the domestic helper’s safety and immediate rescue.

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