Do You Like Celebrating Alone? A Netizen Shares His Adventure on the Beautiful Island of Marinduque

Do you usually think why you celebrate birthdays? When you think about it, birthdays give you an opportunity for your family and friends to come together and congratulate you for surviving another year.

It is always good to be thankful for what you have in life and the things you have accomplished. Birthdays are ways to appreciate the fruits of life every year.

How do you usually spend your birthday? Do you drink until your heart’s content or do you party until the early morning? There are different ways on how you can celebrate this important time of the year. But if you love celebrating alone, this birthday trip shared by a Facebook user Mang Ruben will surely inspire you.

A Special Skill

According to Mang Ruben, his special skill is celebrating his birthday alone, without people in his office knowing about it. Since he’s a bit of an introvert, he decided to go on a solo adventure.

Since he has limited time due to the days of his approved leaves, he decided to conquer the Heart of the Philippines: Marinduque.

[Image Credit: Mang Ruben / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Mang Ruben / Facebook]

Budget Itinerary

Because of a limited budget, he made an intensive research on how to go to Maniway Island in Marinduque. Mang Ruben shared his itinerary for everyone to use if they want to visit the beautiful island.

According to him, the whole island is very quiet and you will feel as if you’re the only person on the island. The resort, Wawies Beach Maniwaya Island Marinduque Resort, allows accommodation renting and tent pitching.

[Image Credit: Mang Ruben / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Mang Ruben / Facebook]

Netizens Shared Their Own Experiences Too

A lot of people got excited upon seeing Mang Ruben’s adventure. Some even shared their own experiences of celebrating their birthdays alone.

You may read the whole story and see the itinerary here.

How about you? If you will be celebrating your special day alone, where do you want to go?

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