Chinese Woman Screams at Pinay DH in Hong Kong: “You are Just a Helper!”

We hear a lot of stories and news reports about domestic helpers getting abused in the countries they are working in, mostly by their employers, but there are also those who have to deal with racist people who treat these workers badly.

Recently, a video of a multi-tasking domestic helper went viral on Facebook because a Chinese woman screamed at her at a park; at one point, the woman even told her to shut up and not talk back because “You are just a helper!

Photo credit: Mel C. Santiago / Facebook

The unnamed Chinese woman appeared incensed as she screamed at the Pinay domestic helper for bringing her employer’s baby while walking two small dogs. The Chinese woman thinks it’s not appropriate for the domestic helper to bring the baby when she’s walking the dogs but it is actually possible that the worker has no choice.

The incident appears to be at the public dog park portion at the Tseung Kwan O Waterfront, reports Coconuts Hong Kong.

Photo credit: Mel C. Santiago / Facebook

The Chinese lady repeatedly told the Pinay domestic helper that her dogs “always keep barking” but it seems that the dogs were just agitated because she was shouting. It was also sad that the baby was crying hard while this woman continued shouting – and she didn’t even mind that at all; she just kept shouting and pointing at the Filipina.

She also said that the other people at the park were angry because of the Pinay domestic helper’s dogs but this didn’t seem to be the case, based on the video.

Photo credit: Mel C. Santiago / Facebook

You should shut the f**k up! You are just a helper, OK?” she shouted. “Why [do] you bring the baby together with the dog? Ask your boss come here I tell him the rules.

Or you give your number I call your boss, OK? Call your boss now! Ask him to come here now! I’m telling you, are wrong! [When you] take care of the baby you bring your two dogs, and your dogs… always keep barking, you should control your dog.

Despite the Chinese woman’s angry tirade, however, the Pinay domestic helper remained calm. She called her boss about the situation, giving the number to the Chinese lady who continued shouting at her. Sigh.

You should go back to the Philippines! Bad attitude, bad helper!” the Chinese woman screamed.

Thank you,” was the Pinay’s calm reply.

Watch the video here:

Kawawa nmn si ate masyado syng minaliit ng chinese girl na ito mabuti na videohan ko kung paano nya dinuro duro si ate..naawa ako..gusto ko sana sumagot hindi naman natin mako control ang aso,aso po yan..pero ung pang mamaliit nya sa pinay..take note po ha kada bahay po dito may helper sana hindi po gnyn ang trato..😓😓😢 (thats why i cannot go inside the dog garden if have so many dogs because sometimes we cannot control..we should be aware..)#thisChinesegirl how you treat the helper its too bad..😱😓😢ang aso po talaga kakahol..kakahol ksi aso po yan..hindi sya naawa s bata habang nagsisigaw sya..😢Traumatic po yan s baby..nag iiyak na nga sana nag usap kyo ng mhinahon..😱Hindi ko po na videohan ng buo kung paano nya dinuro duro at minura mura si ate.. panay fuck you pa nga…nakakagigil..situation ni ate nkaawa ksi two dogs sya at isang baby dapat sila ang nagcontrol s aso nila may helper at may husband syng kasama..tatlo sila dapat sila ang umunawa at my baby si ate..😢😢 naawa ako ky ate..😢😓#hardworkinghelper dont deserved this.. how would you feel if your boss or other people pointing finger at you, yelling and saying bad words to you..then she needs to bring the baby while walking with the dog because her boss both working no one to look after the baby.. she should have consideration how hard it is..😢😢😓

Posted by Mel C. Santiago on Thursday, March 15, 2018

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