Call Center Agent Injured in a Hit-and-Run Accident; Authorities Still Looking for the Suspect

The family of a call center agent is now asking for help and sympathy from people to find the suspect behind the hit-and-run incident that happened in the busy streets of Ortigas Avenue.

Hit-And-Run Victim

Fortunately, a driver submitted a video from his dash cam when the call center agent go hit in Ortigas Avenue Extension near Rockwell and Medical City. The footage showed the man (later confirmed by another person to be Mark Anthony Villaseñor Gamboa) suddenly disappeared and went underneath the car because of the impact of the hit. The suspect, driving a Hyundai Vera Cruz with plate numberBED-521, sped off right away and did not even stop to check the victim.

[Image Credit: Panahac Dani / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Panahac Dani / Facebook]
It is still unknown what happened to the victim after being brought to the hospital by the witnesses. The authorities are still looking for the suspect, but with the lead from the video, it will be easier to locate the owner.

[Image Credit: Panahac Dani / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Panahac Dani / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Panahac Dani / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Panahac Dani / Facebook]

Angered Netizens

Upon seeing the hit-and-run video, a lot of netizens cannot contain their anger. Many of them shared their sentiments for the family of the victim. Some concerned users tagged their families and friends as a warning to be always careful whenever crossing the streets. There are also others who suggested building a traffic light in the area. Since it is one of the busy streets of Ortigas, there should be a traffic light or an enforcer to guide people whenever they are crossing the streets to avoid further accidents.

But what caught our eye is a comment saying that there are a lot of accidents occurring in the area.

Naku kahit nasa pedestrian ka jan direcho pa din mga sasakyan… I used to work there… T**** patintero ka talaga sa pedxing jan…

Watch the video here.

Always be careful whenever you are crossing the streets, anywhere you are. Keep in mind: STOP. LOOK. LISTEN.

What do you think is the best solution to prevent traffic accidents like this?

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