Are We Going to Say Goodbye to Cat Cafe Manila “Purrever”?


The trend with pet cafes made its way to the Philippines, with cat and dog-themed shops opening its door in Metro Manila. If you are a pet owner who takes care of a four-legged pal or a frustrated pet lover, who, for some reason cannot keep an animal companion, these cafes are the perfect places for you to have some good fun with these wonderful creatures.

Plus, according to studies, cuddling with pets helps reduce your stress levels. It increases the happiness hormones in your body. Plus, who can resist these cute little fireballs, right?

[Image Credit: sk / flickr]
[Image Credit: sk / flickr]

Sad News

Unfortunately, one of the first pet cafes to open in Metro Manila, Cat Cafe Manila, made a sudden announcement that surprised patrons of their shop. Cat Cafe Manila, which opened last April 2015, had an amazing journey and served 42,752 guests. Cat Cafe Manila also joined forces with CARA in helping stray cats. They helped 30 cats in finding their “furever” homes.

Unfortunately, the cafe will no longer be able to sustain the business and will be forced to close its doors effective June 1, 2018. Although the pet cafe will be open for the full months of April and May to give everyone the last chance to experience Cat Cafe Manila and bond with their cats, they will bid goodbye to everyone by June.

[Image Credit: Cat Cafe Manila / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Cat Cafe Manila / Facebook]

Great Experiences

A lot of people felt sad and disappointed after hearing the bad news. Some shared their great experiences in visiting the pet cafe.

Some celebrated their birthdays and other special occasions in the shop. There is also another user who shared that the cafe is the first place where she and her then-boyfriend first dated before getting married.

More Than Just Money Matters

People were curious as to why the popular cafe will be closing down. According to them, the reason is more than just money. They need new investors to take over the majority of the business and manage the place. As of now, they need someone to turnaround the shop and manage it closely.

Upon hearing the exact reason of the closure, users started to offer some help.

Read the announcement here:

To our Cat Cafe Manila Friends and Family:It's been an amazing journey. Since we opened last April of 2015, we already…

Posted by Cat Cafe Manila on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Before we purrever say goodbye to the pet cafe, make sure to drop by Pet Cafe Manila before June.

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