After Telling the Truth, Employer Severely Beats and Sells an OFW to Another Family

Most of the Overseas Filipino workers who were working in Kuwait are happily reunited with their families. After several reports of abused and maltreated OFWs surfaced, the Department of Labor and Employment, as well as President Rodrigo Duterte, immediately imposed an employment ban in Kuwait. Agencies were no longer allowed to send Filipino workers to the country. With the joint efforts of different government agencies and airline companies, OFWs were given another chance to live a better life with their families in the Philippines.

However, not all OFWs in the Middle East are safe from the ***** and maltreatment of their employers. The number of abused domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia is growing. There are several reports of domestic helpers who are physically and sexually abused by their employers. One of them is Rosalyn Cortez.

[Image Credit: Mckinley Kaizer Valdez / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Abused by Her Employer’s Brother

In a Facebook post by OFW CCTV, Rosalyn recalled how her employer’s brother harassed and sexually abused her. She was thinking that her employer will help her and reprimand the culprit immediately. Because of her experience, she decided to immediately report it to her madame.

However, things did not work out the way she thinks it will be. Instead of sympathizing with her situation, the female employer slapped her several times. She also beat her severely.

[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW CCTV / Facebook]

Sold to Another Employer

After the incident, the employer refused to let her stay in their house. However, instead of returning her to her agency, the Pinay domestic helper was surprised when her madame sold her to another Arab family.

According to her, the last time she ate was two days ago. Rosalyn does not know where she is and she does not know what to do.

Watch the video here:

Mckinley Kaizer Valdez

Umiiyak at nagmamakaawa ang isang OFW matapos siya ay pagsasampalin, bugbugin, at ibinenta pa ng kanyang amo pagkatapos nya isumbong ang pananamantala ng kapatid nito.Source:

Posted by OFW CCTV on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Our OFWs do not deserve to be treated like this. Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III mentioned that they are already considering an employment ban in Saudi Arabia due to the number of abused OFWs in the country.

Let’s stop the *****.

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