After Abandoning Her For 11 Years, A Mother Shows Up During Her Daughter’s Graduation

[Image Credit: Dainty Peñas / Facebook]

For children, it is fun to go back and reminisce your childhood. Our parents have a huge influence on us during our early years in life, we look up to them for guidance and try to emulate them.

While a lot of us grow up with our parents showering us with their love, some of us, however, grew up under the care of their grandparents and other relatives. But that does not mean that they cannot succeed in life. Take this story as an example.

A netizen named Dainty Peñas posted a photo of her graduation experience with her mother. At first glance, it may seem sweet, but the story behind it and the series of Dainty’s tweets is heartbreaking and inspiring.

[Image Credit: Dainty Peñas / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Dainty Peñas / Facebook]

11 Years of Separation

According to Dainty, her mother unexpectedly showed up during her graduation day after 11 years of ghosting her and leavening her under the care of her father’s family. While she still doesn’t know why her mother left her, she said she’s grateful that her father’s family took her in.

After her experience, the newly graduate swore that she will never end up like her parents. Instead, at a young age, she tried her best to succeed so that one day, she can have a comfortable life once she starts her own family.

Different Reaction

Whenever her aunts and other people would ask her what how she would react if her mother suddenly shows up, she knows in her heart what she wanted to do with her.

However, when her mother finally came back for her on her graduation day, her reaction’s entirely different.

She might not be able to grow up with her mother and share memories with her in the past but she can definitely create wonderful memories with her in the future.

We wish all the best for Dainty and her mother. Congratulations on your graduation too!