Abusive Taxi Driver Charges Passengers PHP3,600 From the Airport to Cubao

Nowadays, riding a cab is the easiest way to reach your destination. Rather than using public utility vehicles like buses or jeepneys or squeezing your way in the MRT, taking a taxi is more comfortable.

Unfortunately, there are taxi drivers who are taking advantage of a passenger’s situation. Some of them are charging extra, exaggerating fees even if the passenger clearly asked to use the taxi’s meter.

A video of an abusive taxi driver who charges sky-high fees to its passengers a year ago goes viral again after it was reposted on Facebook. This is a warning to people who encounter abusive drivers.

[Image Credit: Philippine Trends and News / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Philippine Trends and News / Facebook]

Abusive Taxi Driver

The returning Filipinos (the woman identified as Janine from her Facebook account) encountered an unexpected scenario when the driver, along with his companion, tried charging them PHP3,600 or PHP1000 for every 1,000 meters. Not only were they shocked that the taxi driver allowed his companion to join the ride along with the passengers, they also insisted them to pay an amount which is more than ten times the normal charge of other taxis in Metro Manila.

The taxi driver attempted to extort money from the passengers with the help of his companion. Not only that, since there is a stranger in the taxi, the privacy and the security of the passengers are at risk. With the different cases of robbery and kidnapping in the country, it is understandable that the passengers feared for their lives too.

[Image Credit: Philippine Trends and News / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Philippine Trends and News / Facebook]

Clever Idea

Although the passengers agreed to continue with the ride, they were clever enough to request to the driver to take them to another place. Along the way, they were able to spot a police station, which for them, is the best place to go to stop the driver and his companion of their mission to take their money.

The passengers were seated at the back side of the cab while their baggage is in the baggage compartment of the cab. When they arrived at the place nearest to the police station, they immediately went out of the taxi and brought the luggage out of the compartment area. As soon as they got out of the taxi, the driver immediately fled the scene.

Watch the video here:

Grabe 3,600 mula NAIA 3 hanggang cubao lang. Kitang kita ang ebidensya sa video. tsk tsk tsk. nakakahiya talaga…

Posted by Philippine trends and news on Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The passengers are lucky that the criminals did not harm or stole anything from them. Please be more mindful whenever you are riding a taxi or other vehicles.

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