A New Modus Operating in Parañaque: Pretending to Ask For Help But Will Take Away Your Cash and Cellphone

Crime does not pay and neither should you, not with your gadgets, hard-earned cash, bank cards, and even your life. Awareness is key to everyone. This is why a Facebook user named Maryjane Deleon Aque shared her recent experience regarding a new modus in Parañaque.

Maryjane warned netizens that there are two members of a new modus roaming around the city. Her money and cellphone were almost stolen.

What Happened?

According to Maryjane, she’s waiting for a UV Express going to Libertad when a woman asked her where she can rent a truck near the Airforce One Mall to bring the sacks of fruits from Lipa, Batangas. Suddenly, a man appeared and told them that he knows where they can rent a truck. They ushered them to a place where they can talk to the truck owners.

Maryjane was not supposed to come with them anymore but the woman pleaded for her to come since she’s carrying a huge amount of money. Upon arriving at Caltex, the woman asked the man to check how much the rent is.

Sige kuya mauna ka na don. Tanong mo nalang kung magkano pa arkila nila.

[Image Credit: Maryjane Deleon Aque / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Maryjane Deleon Aque / Facebook]

Asking for Proof

After checking the prices of the trucks for rent, the man informed them that a certain Rachel Ramos said that the price is PHP14,000 per truck. The woman agreed and even offered to pay them 500 each for helping her.

15k kasi ang pera ko dito. So may sobrang 1k pag hatian nyo nalang bali tig500 kayo.

For her to talk to Rachel, the woman told Maryjane that she will leave her PHP15,000 to her but she needs to have a proof that she will not run away.

Para safe ang pera ko sayo kababayan, iiwan mo sakin ang cellphone at wallet mo.

[Image Credit: Maryjane Deleon Aque / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Maryjane Deleon Aque / Facebook]
Out of nowhere, Maryjane handed the woman her items and she was handed a sock full of money. Suddenly, she felt that something is not right so she asked for her cellphone and wallet to be returned.

At first, the man and the woman were insisting for her to give her items. Maryjane, on the other hand, insisted that she wants to go to her boyfriend already.

Hindi na ho, niloloko nyo nako. Maghanap nalang po kayo ng mabibiktima nyo dahil may lakad ako.

Luckily, Maryjane was able to take a video as a proof to give to her boyfriend since she’s running late. Little did she know that she can use it to raise awareness.

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Posted by Maryjane Deleon Aque on Sunday, March 4, 2018


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