80-Year-Old Grandma Studies in Grade 11, Wishes to Become a Military Nurse

While most people her age are retired and just enjoying time with their grandchildren, 80-year-old Salvacion Flores Nacario or better known as ‘Nanay Sally’ has gone back to school and is on the way to finish Grade 11 in the coming weeks.

At age 80, Nanay Sally is the oldest student at Fort Bonifacio High School in Makati, Metro Manila. Well, she’s even far older than anyone else in the school, including the teachers and principal but this did not hinder the sweet grandma from attending her classes.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

She tries her best to get to school every day, not wanting to miss any of her classes.

Back in her youth, Nanay Sally quit school when she was still in third year high school. When she had kids, she was so busy raising them that she no longer had time to go back to school and fulfill her dream of becoming a military nurse.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

Nanay Sally actually has 10 children but only 4 had already passed away, according to Front Row.

Even though her children and many of her grandchildren are already adults, with families of their own, Nanay Sally returned to school in hopes of still being able to fulfill her dream. She told Front Row that she had a mild stroke in 2016, forcing her to quit her studies again but she went back and finished Grade 10 last year.

Photo credit: Front Row / Facebook

We sure hope Nanay Sally won’t suffer a stroke again so she will be able to complete her education and, perhaps, become a nurse. She’ll most likely not become a military nurse like she wanted but she could still become a nurse about 5 to 6 years from now…

Good luck, Nanay Sally!

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