Uber Driver Eats His Meal While at a Slow-Pace Traffic, Gains Praises from Netizens

Despite all of the terrible news involving bad drivers who do lascivious acts towards their passengers, some harassed their passengers verbally, there are still some drivers who we should look up to.

A Facebook user, Kier Roman, recently posted a story involving an Uber driver wherein he recalls he was inspired by the simple gesture the driver did.

His Uber driver, Teofisto Torres arrived 12 minutes late but he chose to ignore since he just came from church. While passing the Marcos Highway, knowing that the traffic in the area was at a slow pace, Kier was really surprised when Teofisto pulled a plastic bag with rice and viand.

Image: Kier Hairrie Roman via Facebook

Teofisto grabbed the chance to eat while the traffic was at a slow pace. He apologized to Kier and said that he was really hungry. Kier offered to take a quick break but he said that he’s fine and added that another passenger was already waiting for him.

What’s even more inspiring is that the driver said that his passengers are his priority even if it means only having quick breaks.

Image: Kier Hairrie Roman via Facebook Video

He included a video of the driver while eating and it already reached 2.2 million views.

Netizens are really inspired by Kuya Teofisto. A netizen salutes the driver’s dedication to his job.

SHOUT OUT SA UBER DRIVER NA KAY KUYA #TEOFISTO TORRES .kanina Around 11:30 am pauwi nko from sta.lucia mall pinick up…

Posted by Kier Hairrie Roman on Saturday, January 27, 2018

Another one said, “Hi kuyang driver Pagpalain Ka Po Pati Yung Nag Post Dito Ko Nararamdaman Na May Pagmamahalan Pa Din Kahit Hindi Mo Kaano Ano I [salute] You Guys.”

It’s really refreshing to see that even though there are a lot of crimes and people who would prefer to do harm just to have easy money, there are still a lot of people who would opt to work hard to provide for their family. May God bless their beautiful hearts.

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