Tourist Shares Secret Video after Restaurant in Manila Charged Him 3,000 Canadian Dollars (Php123k) for a Meal

A tourist from Ontario, Canada had been scammed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in the Philippines after a taxi charged him Php2,000 for a ride to a restaurant in Pasay City, Manila but it turned out the restaurant would scam him with more money after he was charged 3,000 Canadian Dollars (Php123,400) for a meal and a drink!

According to Facebook user Kengo M, he went to a restaurant to have a meal and drink but was shocked when the waiter told him the meal costs 3,000 CAD. What’s worse is the owner/manager threatened to call the cops if he does not pay but told him that the management does not want to send him to jail so he should just pay up.

Photo credit: Kengo M / Facebook

But Kengo isn’t an ignorant traveler who would just pay up for something he knew was too much. He took a video of the ‘extortion-interrogation’, unbeknownst to the man and the waiter.

In the clip, the owner/manager could be seen trying to blackmail Kengo into paying. When Kengo said he didn’t have that much money to pay up for the meal, the owner/manager even suggested that Kengo ask his family members or friends in Canada to send the cash via Western Union!

Under the guise that he thinks Kengo is a fraudster for not having his name on his credit card, the owner/manager took his passport.

Photo credit: Kengo M / Facebook

Disappointed with his bad experience, Kengo shared the video on Facebook where it went viral. As of press time, 2 days after he posted the video, it has gained over 1 million views. A lot of Filipino netizens expressed shame over the incident, saying that establishments like this are giving the Philippines a bad name to tourists.

While Kengo did not specifically mention the restaurant’s name on his post, he would later reveal it to be Club Apeiro Entertainment and KTV Bar located in Pasay City, Manila.

Photo credit: Kengo M / Facebook

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