This Dad Makes Heartbreaking Request for Coin Donations to Fund Daughter’s Liver Transplant

Parents would do everything to make sure their children are alright, even if that means swallowing their pride and asking for help from strangers.

This is what the father of Zhianna Erza “Esang” Trestre from the Philippines did after she was diagnosed with biliary atresia. This rare medical condition is characterized by blockage in the bile ducts that lead to the backflow of bile into the liver. Because it is usually not detected at the start of the problem, the liver gets damaged by the bile.

Photo credit: Esang’s Journey: Fight Biliary Atresia / Facebook

The trapped bile leads to scarring and damage in the liver, a dangerous situation that can lead to ***** of left untreated.

Esang’s condition has worsened. She needs liver transplant soon but the procedure costs a whopping Php4 million ($77,400) – money that her parents do not have. The family has sought help from the government but the PCSO only promised to cover Php1.5 million ($29,000).

The family has a second option. In Apollo Hospital in India, such a procedure *only* costs $31,000 (Php1.6 million) but the hospital already has a high success rate of over 2,200 liver transplants.

Photo credit: Esang’s Journey: Fight Biliary Atresia / Facebook

Instead of raising Php2.4 million for the procedure to be done in the Philippines, the family is hoping to raise the Php1.6 million they needed for the transplant to be done in India. The amount is still very high for the poor family but Esang’s dad is not losing hope that they can find the help they needed before it is too late.

They are racing against time. Prognosis is bad for biliary atresia as untreated children do not live past 3 years old. So, the family is pleading for people to donate whatever money they can for the 11-month old Esang.

They so desperately need money that they are willing to accept even coins from your piggy bank – and Esang’s dad, Tatay Jeric, volunteered to be the one to count them and have them changed at the bank, for your convenience.

Photo credit: Esang’s Journey: Fight Biliary Atresia / Facebook

Donations are also accepted via

  • BDO: 008640130545
  • Zhianna Erza R. Trestre

You can contact the family through these numbers:

  • Smart: 09212805261
  • Tm: 09058732860

or through Esang’s Facebook page.

We are praying that the family can complete the Php1.6 million soon…

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