The Long Wait is Over: Sequel of That Thing Called Tadhana is Finally Confirmed!

That Thing Called Tadhana starring Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman was notably one of the biggest movies in 2014. A lot of people were able to relate to the two characters. Many cried and laughed as we watched the two moved on from their failed relationships, disappointments, failures, and struggles.

Because of the huge success of the movie in the country, a lot of fans are still wanting and waiting for the second installment. After years of looking forward to the sequel, it is finally confirmed: there will be That Thing Called Tadhana 2!

[Image Credit: Angelica Panganiban / Instagram]
[Image Credit: Angelica Panganiban / Instagram]

Sequel is Now Confirmed

Lead actor JM de Guzman reveals that the sequel of That Thing Called Tadhana is now in the works. During his interview last February 18, the come-backing actor said that Director Tonet confirmed that they already started with the script. Direk Tonet is the writer and director behind the successful movie.

Kinausap ko si Direk Tonet, sabi niya, nasimulan niya na yung script.

According to JM, who is now making his second comeback in showbiz, the movie is special for him since it was the first movie he made after leaving rehab.

First rehab ko, parang yun yung una kong naging film and ang ganda nung nagawa noong film na yun sa comeback ko.

[Image Credit: JM De Guzman / Instagram]
[Image Credit: JM De Guzman / Instagram]

Fans Cannot Wait

Fans started begging for the sequel after editor Benjamin Tolentino posted a short Facebook video showing the lead characters, Mace and Anthony, chatting online and inviting each other for a drink.

Last month, both Angelica and JM teased fans after recreating the posted of their hit movie and posting it on Instagram.

[Image Credit: JM De Guzman / Instagram]
[Image Credit: JM De Guzman / Instagram]
What do you want to happen in the sequel? Should Mace and Anthony finally have a chance to be together? Will they finally end up together and have a happy ending? Let us know in the comment section below!

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