Teenage Daughters of Ruffa Gutierrez Gets Cat-Called While on Vacation in Malaysia

Celebrity and mother Ruffa Gutierrez captured the attention of netizens after posting a series of tweets that narrates the experiences of her two daughters, Lorin and Venice, during their vacation in Malaysia. The two young girls were cat-called by unknown men in Malaysia.

Catcalling The Two Young Girls

The mother and daughters trio went to the country to celebrate Valentine’s day together by spending some quality time at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Although they enjoyed the first few hours strolling at the park, a group of unknown men started whistling at the teenage girls.

Theme parks like Sunway Lagoon (SunwayLagoonMY) should not let creepy men inside their establishments!! Theme parks should be a safe place for children and families to enjoy their holiday!

[Image Credit: Ruffa Gutierrez / Twitter]
[Image Credit: Ruffa Gutierrez / Twitter]
Ruffa also mentioned that they already proceeded to the security office of the amusement park to file a complaint.

We came here to enjoy with our kids and creepy men are harassing our kids!!! They are now traumatized & want to go home!!!

[Image Credit: Ruffa Gutierrez / Twitter]
[Image Credit: Ruffa Gutierrez / Twitter]
The former beauty queen also shared a video showing the faces of the said men while she was airing her complaint to a park personnel. However, the said clip was taken down on her social media account.

These group of men are disgusting!! They were harassing & whistling at our children while walking at the theme park Sunway Lagoon (SunwayLagoonMY) in Malaysia 🇲🇾 kadiri! They didn’t know that I was walking behind the kids. We are asking for a refund and to get the guys out of the park!

Netizens Share the Same Sentiments

A lot of netizens, especially those who have young daughters like Ruffa, shared the same sentiments as her. They were angered by the incident. Some also commended Ruffa for doing what every parent will surely do in such situation.

The official Twitter account of Sunway Lagoon already responded to Ruffa’s tweets and assured that the company’s management team is thoroughly handling her complaint.

According to the celebrity mom, they ended up leaving the theme park with a security team escorting them out. She also took to social media to share the unfortunate incident so that it will not happen to other children and innocent tourists.

Meanwhile, you may watch the whole incident here:

Will you do the same if you are in Ruffa’s shoes?

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