Teen Couldn’t Bear Bullying, Decides to End Her Life

Bullying has been one of the social issues that is hard to stop and mostly, ignored by some this commonly happens in the internet and school, wherein the one who is being bullied is labeled as weak or weird or ugly and other nasty stuff that you could possibly called a person.

This, of course, has negative effects on the person; some just want to end their pain and misery that’s why they tend to end their lives.

Just as recently, a facebook netizen named Czarine Santos posted a couple of pictures on her social media account and expressed her grief and pain when her sister, Sophia, decided to end her life because of bullying.

Image: Czarine Santos via Facebook

According to the post, her sister ended her life on January 24, 2018, because her sister could no longer bear the bullying she has been experiencing in school. She also claims that bullying exists regardless if it’s public or private school, Catholic school or not.

Image: Czarine Santos via Facebook

She also explained that her younger sister was bullied because of her appearance and gender confusion; her sister admitted to being bisexual. It pains to see that this little girl was bashed not only in person but also on social media.

Tons of netizens expressed their condolences and slammed the bashers online and gave their utmost support to the loved ones Sophia has left behind.

Image: Czarine Santos via Facebook

It’s really sad to see people who are secretly suffering because of this, we must learn not to judge others and learn to just ignore if things like gender confusion and such are bothering us. Condolences to the Santos family.

It’s been so hard to think and unbelievable what happened to our family. It’s been days since everything sunk in my mind…

Posted by Chichay Santos on Sunday, January 28, 2018

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