Sleeper Bus with Large Beds, Wows Travelers Going to Bicol

Traveling to Bicol to see the majestic Mt. Mayon or simply visiting the place to see relatives and hang out with friends? There’s always the option of getting there quickly on a plane but if you’re on a budget, the bus is your best option.

But did you know that there are buses traveling there that allow you to sleep in large, comfortable beds? You can ride in Manila and wake up in Bicol – that’s certainly a great option when traveling long distance!

Photo credit: Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. / Facebook

What makes this bus different from the others is that instead of the usual bus seats that, perhaps, you can recline a bit for some comfort, the sleeper bus has beds – as in real beds! So, you can sleep in the comfort of the bus, much like traveling in a camper van, and also have ample space beside you for your things.

Photo credit: Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. / Facebook

Travel time would still be similar to most buses headed for Naga City but this time, you will enjoy a more comfortable ride because you can sleep and stretch your legs as if you were in your own home. How great is that?

The sleeper buses are offered by Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. You can take a ride from EDSA Cubao to Naga City, vice versa. The current price is Php1,350 per person, one way. Booking is fast and easy – all you have to do is go to the bus liner’s website, Bicol Isarog, to choose the trip date, how many tickets you’re buying, and the bus option you want to try – make sure to check the ‘Sleeper Bus’ option for this experience.

Photo credit: Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. / Facebook

So, have you tried this cool sleeper bus? Let’s go!

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