Sharon and Gabby’s ‘Reunion’ in McDonald’s Ad, Brings ‘Kilig’ Moments

Back when they were younger, Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion were the hottest love team in the Philippine showbiz scene. The two have a daughter together, KC Concepcion, but just like many showbiz reel and real-life couples, the two eventually had a falling out that led to a breakup.

Still, die-hard Sharonians wished the two would get back together again. While that is impossible in real life because the two are both married to different partners, many clamored for the reunion to happen in ‘reel life’.

Photo credit: McDonald’s / Facebook

While a planned reunion movie didn’t push through, netizens couldn’t believe it would be fast food company McDonald’s that would finally bring the two on screen together again!

In the clip, Sharon was seen eating by herself inside a McDonald’s store when Gabby enters the frame, alone and carrying a tray of food. He smile to himself as he watched his former flame, gazing at her for sweet seconds that must have garnered screams from die-hard Sharonians and even younger fans.

There wasn’t really much dialogue in this short ad; although Sharon told Gabby, “Ikaw naman, parang wala tayong pinagsamahan” after he asked whether he could join her table.

Photo credit: McDonald’s / Facebook

The two brought a lot of ‘kilig’ moments as they gazed into each other’s eyes. It was clear that they still had chemistry, even if that was only for the cameras—or is that really just for the cameras? A number of netizens think their respective spouses must be feeling really, really jealous as they watched the ad…

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