Saudi Prince Orders Arrest of Filipino Couple in Viral Proposal Video Taken in Jeddah

An excited man identified by local news to be a Filipino was so in love with his girlfriend that he was quite sure she was the one for him. He decided to propose to her in public, to declare his love for the world to see.

In his excitement, though, he forgot one really big and important thing: they were in Saudi Arabia, a place where strict laws are implemented against a lot of things, including public displays of affection (PDAs), unmarried men and women mingling together, and public proposals are definitely a no-no.

Photo credit: Riyadh Connect / Facebook

This still unidentified Filipino guy took his proposal to an exciting level by doing it in this very conservative country – and he could not deny that it took place in Saudi because the huge letters that spelled out “JEDDAH” clearly marked their location.

He also attracted much attention from the people near that spot when he started dancing. Now, dancing in public is also frowned upon in Saudi, especially moves that might be considered as ‘immoral’. Last year, for example, Saudi Arabian pop star Abdallah Al Shaharani got ******** for dabbing during a music festival.

Now, the Filipino guy not only danced in that public spot with strange dance moves that many Pinoys joked to be a ‘kiti-kiti’ (wriggler) dance, the two would hug each other – and that’s the biggest no-no. While he’s proposing marriage to her, they are still not married; what they were doing was against Saudi laws!

The woman said “Yes” on his proposal but his happiness was short-lived. With so many people seeing the proposal happening in that public spot, at least one was able to capture it on video and post on social media where it went viral.

Photo credit: Riyadh Connect / Facebook

An intense debate erupted over the issue, with people defending the guy and blasting Saudi government for its strict rules but many were furious at him for putting his girlfriend in danger. Even Filipinos weren’t happy with his actions, saying that it is very important to follow the rules of the country you are in; thus, even if things like this were widely acceptable in the Philippines, he shouldn’t have done it in ultra-conservative Saudi.

Riyadh Connect reported that Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Emir of Makkah has ordered the arrest of the couple. We could only hope that they won’t be executed over what could have been one of the best moments in their lives…

Watch the viral proposal here:

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