Ready Your Tissue: Wife Recalls How She Lost Her Husband Due to Heart Attack While Sleeping

Losing someone you love is like losing a part of yourself. A loss may come through ***** or divorce, through miscarriage or moving away.

It may also come through normal life development like your child growing up and leaving home or doing something awful to your spouse or parent, leaving them no choice but to leave you. Whatever form it takes, losing a loved one can be your life’s most painful and most challenging experience.

When a loss occurs in our lives, we can survive it and come out wiser and stronger than before. After a heartbreaking experience, there are important lessons that we learn in life.

This is the case for a netizen who shared her experience in losing someone she loves the most.

[Image Credit: Steph Anie / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Steph Anie / Facebook]

Lost Her Husband

In a Facebook post shared by Steph Anie, she recalled how she lost her husband Jodel. One fateful day, a month after they celebrated their first wedding anniversary, she woke up with her husband snoring loudly. Since her husband does not snore, she immediately woke him up but was surprised to see his face looking different.

Steph’s sister-in-law tried performing CPR as she started calling her mother-in-law. Out of panic, all she can do is to ask for prayers to save her husband.

Si Jodel. Please. Pa. Please. Lord Please. Ayaw.

[Image Credit: Steph Anie / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Steph Anie / Facebook]
Her heart broke when several apparatuses were attached to her husband’s body. Although the doctor asked them if they can remove the apparatus, the family still prayed for a miracle.

I prayed, We prayed. I asked for Miracle. But, after a few minutes nagdeclare na sila na wala na, wala ka na. As in ganun lang kadali? 11:30pm tayu natulog tapos 2 am, kukunin ka sa akin ng ganun ganun lang? Bakit?

Blamed By Other People

What hurts her more is that people were pointing fingers at her for her husband’s *****. But according to the doctor, even if her husband underwent a check-up, a brugada syndrome cannot be easily detected.

One thing ive learned in losing him. ***** IS *****. ***** excuses no one. Kahit ano pang ginawa naming pagrevive sa kanya, kinuha pa din sya. Kahit ano pang ginawa naming pagrevive sa kanya, kinuha pa din sya. Health Conscious sya but He’s not exempted. He’s too young but he’s not exempted. He’s a good husband but He’s not exempted. Excited Dad to be but he’s not exempted. Palaging nagppray but he’s not exempted. Wala sa atin ang pwedeng maexcuse na mamatay, d tayu pwedeng magssbi na Wag po muna kkapakasal ko palang. Wag po muna kasi buntis ang asawa ko. Wag po muna kasi di pa ako handa. Planado na namin ang futre namin pero may mas plan si God sa kanya, samin. Kinuha sya ng d sya handa, ng di kami handa.

It’s been a year since Jodel passed away but according to Steph, it still hurts and she still feels that she cannot let him go.

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This is a long post. Typing this with so much Pain in my heart 💔A year ago(Feb24.A month after we celebrated our 1st…

Posted by Steph Anie on Friday, February 23, 2018


Love your partner. Cherish the times you are still together and do everything to make each other happy. We may never know when is the last time we may see them.

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