Pinay Found in Freezer Suffered Multiple Injuries from Excessive Beatings, Possibly Frozen Alive

The autopsy results on the body of Joanna Demafelis, the Filipina domestic helper found in a freezer at an abandoned apartment last week in Kuwait, showed the grim fate she suffered in the hands of her employers who were identified as a Lebanese man and his Syrian wife.

Renato Pedro Villa, the Philippine Ambassador in Kuwait, revealed that the forensic doctor who autopsied the body said that the woman had suffered from multiple injuries due to excessive beatings.

Photo credit: GMA News

She sustained wounds and trauma on her hips, had several broken ribs, and had plenty of bruises and wounds all over her body. Her kidneys were also damaged and she suffered from internal bleeding.

What’s worse is that there was a possibility that she was still alive when she was placed inside that freezer! But the authorities are still trying to verify if this was true.

Photo credit: Phil News

What’s known is that the employers made sure they covered up their tracks. Not only did they flee out of Kuwait due to the man’s fraud charges, they also left instructions to the caretaker to not open the apartment unit as there were valuables inside.

Moreover, on November 6, 2016, they reported that Demafelis fled from their house; thus, if family members or the agency looked for her, they didn’t think of checking on the couple as she had supposedly run away.

Photo credit: GMA News

The unit had remained locked but the freezer running; thus, no one suspected that something was amiss in that grim apartment because the body didn’t rot. It’s just horrifying to even imagine how much she had suffered there.

The body of Demafelis is expected to arrive in the Philippines on February 16. It’s the worst kind of homecoming anyone could ever imagine…

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