Pinay Falls at Employer’s House in Kuwait, Seeks Help to Go Home after Becoming Disabled

As hundreds of abused and runaway overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Kuwait were given the chance to get back home to the Philippines, many remain hopeful that they will be rescued from their abusive employers.

A sick domestic helper has been rescued recently from the house of her employer’s mother after her plight went viral on Facebook, thanks to the post made by another concerned Filipina who saw her at the hospital.

In a series of posts on Facebook, a certain Rufyen Mabida (@غثز غثز) shared the story of Pascua Dijos Divina Gracia whom she had met at Amiri Hospital in Kuwait.

The sick domestic helper’s legs were shaking uncontrollably and she revealed she could no longer walk. It turned out she had fallen down the stairs at her employer’s house some 8 months ago but was not brought to the hospital for treatment; thus, her condition worsened.

Photo credit: Rufyen Mabida (@غثز غثز) / Facebook

While it is unknown whether she was being abused at her employer’s home or if the injury was just an accident, what’s for sure is that she wasn’t given the chance to obtain proper treatment.

It was only through the help of another domestic helper that she was taken to the hospital.

Photo credit: Rufyen Mabida (@غثز غثز) / Facebook

Mabida posted a plea for help on Facebook. Thanks to this post, the sick OFW was finally rescued from the house of her employer’s mother. Her brother had also seen the post and thanked Mabida for the help.

According to a follow up post made by Mabida, Pascua already has a ticket for a flight back to the Philippines. Although she still has to travel to her hometown in Davao del Sur and recuperate from her injuries, she’s still lucky to have made it home alive unlike many domestic workers who died in Kuwait.

Photo credit: Rufyen Mabida (@غثز غثز) / Facebook

It’s sad, though, that her homecoming isn’t entirely joyful because her experience in Kuwait might have made her a cripple for life! But we hope she finds help in having her legs treated so she can walk again.

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