Myrtle Sarrosa Reveals Seeing ‘Child’ on Street in Samar, But Dashcam Only Recorded Blob of Light

The provinces of Samar and Leyte were among the worst hit by the Supertyphoon Yolanda back in November 2013. There were so many dead and missing people that many were no longer identified and given a proper burial; instead, they were placed in mass graves, with no names.

It is believed that many of these lost souls are still trying to find peace, unsure of what they are doing and not aware that they have long been dead. While such mysterious stories are not believed by many, there are also those who think such is true.

In the quiet roads of Samar and Leyte, it is said that many of the spirits ‘appear’ to the living – and if you don’t know how to deal with that kind of situation, it is best to just keep driving.

Photo credit: Myrtle Sarrosa / Facebook

Actress Myrtle Sarrosa was among those who experienced this mystery while driving with a group after joining the Sistersph School Advocacy Tour in Eastern Samar. In a Facebook post that has gone viral, Myrtle narrated how she and her group had been stranded for 2 days in Eastern Samar due to the typhoon (Basyang).

The roads to the airport were not passable because the main one had a section that was under 6 feet of water while the alternative road was buried in a landslide. It was understandable, therefore, that when the alternative route was rendered passable and the rains had stopped, they took the chance to get to the airport via that route, despite it being a longer, farther route that would pass through remote areas.

“Since this is in a far flung area. There were no street lamps and most of the area we were crossing is uninhabited. Walang mga bahay. It was just the road with small barangays in between but mostly just trees. Around 40 minutes after midnight, we saw something weird….

There was a child wearing a bluish white shirt probably around 10 years old in the middle of the road. He was in a crouching position with his arms and hands wrapping around his head to his face. We couldn’t believe it kasi from out of nowhere bigla na lang may bata tapos wala namang barangay or houses at all in the area. Andoon lang siya sa daanan as we crossed our car… it wasn’t normal.

Photo credit: Myrtle Sarrosa / Facebook

Napa-sigaw kami, cause not just I, but most of us in the car saw him. We wanted to stop and come back kasi hindi talaga kami maka-paniwala so we decided to check the dash camera to see if there was really a child and after checking the footage there was just a white blob-like orb figure that disappears after a few seconds.”

They were scared, of course, but it seems that this was not the first time it happened. Aside from their volunteer driver, Sir Long, telling them of other travelers experiencing similar things in the area, many people also commented on Myrtle’s post, sharing the same thing! Creepy…

Do you think that was really a child or just one of the lost spirits in the area? Check out this video and tell us what you think…