Mother Explains Why She Gave Unique Names to Her Three Boys

As a parent, one of the toughest decisions to make, whether the child is born already or you are still pregnant, is to choose the perfect name for your newborn. Some parents would choose the conventional and easier to remember ones like Anne or John while there are others who want a more creative turn and mix the mother’s and father’s name together.

But there are also unique and out of this world names that will surely surprise anyone who will see the name. This is why these three young boys are gaining popularity on Facebook now.

[Image Credit: Takeshi Suda / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Takeshi Suda / Facebook]

Unique Names

Facebook user Takeshi Suda is responsible for making these boys viral and making a lot of netizens’ lives happy. People who saw this post were shocked to know how the parents choose the names for these young boys.

If you will try and read their names fast, it is like you are pronouncing a tongue twister or reciting a line from a very unique rap song.

The post showcased the brothers’ unique names: Dzywrygh Lynzh M. Tamayo, Pzxydynn Yzzr M. Tamayo, and Djykynll Rysym M. Tamayo.

[Image Credit: Takeshi Suda / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Takeshi Suda / Facebook]

The Reason For Their Names

While a lot of people were thinking why the parents’ decided on those names, there are others who are thinking maybe they let the cat run on the keyboard when they were still thinking of the best names to give. Another Facebook Page, Viral Photos, were able to get hold of the young boy’s mother. According to her, their names (the parents) are very short and super simple: Jon and Mercy. This is the reason why they decided to take a different turn when naming their children.

Wala naman po. Para maiba lang. Jon kc name ng tatay nila eh di naman Junior tas Mercy name ko. Super simple kaya binawi sa name ng mga anak ko.

These names definitely made a lot of people’s day. Can you imagine how a Starbucks barista will try to pronounce their names?

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