A Korean National Shares Her Bad Experience With Customs Officers of the Clark Airport

A lot of foreigners visit the Philippines because it is one of the countries with the best tourist spots and hidden gems. In 2017, more than 530,000 visitors arrived in the country. This positive growth in tourism attributed to the growing economy of our home country.

South Koreans, in particular, love going to our country. There are even famous Koreans, like Sandara Park, who love our country like a local. Some of them are even living in the country for several years, married Filipinos, and treat the Philippines as their own.

However, not all foreigners had a wonderful experience visiting our country. There are others who shared their bad experiences not with the locals, but from government officials directly.

Inappropriate Behavior

When we mention Clark Airport, one of the first things that might come to your mind is the recent stealing of baggage of one of our kababayans which went viral. Now, it seems that Clark Airport will be in hot water again. A Korean National turned to Facebook to share her experience with the officials of the airport.

According to 우선경, when they arrived at the Clark Airport from South Korea, it was her first international trip. Upon landing, she noticed people lining up at the security so she decided to follow them. Upon reaching the table, a personnel used a cutter to rip open the food that is sealed in an ice box and test it. Although she is not sure if it is the exact procedure and shy to show her luggage, she decided to cooperate.

[Image Credit: 우선경 / Facebook]
[Image Credit: 우선경 / Facebook]

Asking for Taxes for Items from the Duty-Free

The Korean national is holding a bag from duty-free from the Incheon Airport. After explaining the situation as best as she could, she was taken to a small office next door where she was asked to pay $137, even if she bought the goods at a duty-free shop. Although she explained already that the items are for personal use and to be given to her friends back in Korea, the customs personnel told her that she cannot be trusted.

Due to language barrier and since they are not good in speaking and understanding English, the Korean asked for her husband’s brother and wife to call them outside the airport, which the officers refused. According to the Korean national, they were yelled at and a sign about the customs is put down in front of her and her husband with a bang. They were also told to go back to Korea.

At the end, her husband was forced to sign a paper, their things were wrapped with tape, placed in a warehouse, and were asked to come back the next day at 5:00 PM.

[Image Credit: 우선경 / Facebook]
[Image Credit: 우선경 / Facebook]

More Problems the Next Day

The Korean couple arrived the next day to pick up their items, but the officers did not meet them and they were asked to come back at 10:00 PM the next day, four hours before they leave the Philippines. After checking in, the meeting time was changed again to 1:00 AM, even if their flight time is 1:30.

After the boarding time, she received a call asking her to pay for the items. The Korean national offered to pay by credit card but the officer refused. Since it is past the boarding time, she had to give up her things and run to the gate to meet her husband.

But another problem arises: the watch her husband removed during security checkpoint which is worth PHP70,000 is missing. While they were looking for it, they found the watch at the hands of one of the personnel. The electronic cigarette that came with the expensive watch also disappeared.

You may read the whole experience here:

I'm Korean.I think I left Korea around 10 p.m. and arrived at Clark Airport in the Philippines. As I left my sleep in a…

Posted by 우선경 on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Because of their experience, the Korean national doesn’t want to go back to the Philippines. According to her, if she has a chance to visit the country again, she will not use the Clark Airport anymore.