Jed Madela Thinks of Leaving Music Industry Because of Anxiety, 5 Years Ago

Have you ever thought that a singer as good as Jed Madela who became the first Filipino to win the World Championships of Performing Arts can still feel being irrelevant?

In his TV guesting in an episode of Boy Abunda’s late night talk show “Tonight with Boy Abunda” on Monday, Jed revealed that he suffered from anxiety attacks for quite some time because he felt he was already insignificant. He shared that was the time in his career that he almost quit and further explained what he felt.

Photo: ilovejedmadela/Instagram

Jed explained: “Ang daming naglalabasang bago, ang daming naglalabasang mas magagaling, mas nakakagat ng audience. There was a point na talagang sinabi ko na pagod na ako.”

“No matter how hard I tried, no matter how hard I pushed myself, I tried to conform. Kung ano’ng uso, sige, sundan natin. Sumasakay ako, pero wala,” he added.

Photo: jedmadelaforever/Instagram

Jed claimed he cannot recall the particular reasons that triggered his difficulty in breathing but thought that it was his feeling of being unimportant which was followed by episodes of anxiety attacks. But then, he shared he is feeling better now and realized that he doesn’t need a lot of people around him but just a few good ones will help to keep him sane.

After he experienced anxiety 5 years ago, Jed said he learned to surround himself with the “right people” instead of positivity.  Among them is his group of supporters who had been with him all throughout his career in the music industry.

On February 14, Jed will be having a Valentine Concert at the Kia Theatre as he celebrates his 15 years in showbiz.

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