Jackie Lou Blanco Flaunts Sexy and Toned Body at The Age of 54, Thanks Personal Fitness Coach

Jackie Lou Blanco impressed her followers with her toned body in a bikini on her post on social media last Sunday, February 11.

In Instagram, the 54-year-old actress flaunted her sexy body which she claimed she had worked for 3 years before achieving that kind of body.  Apparently, it was 20 years ago when she last wore a bikini when she joined Great Bodies.

Photo: jackielou.blanco/Instagram

Jackie Lou shared that her tummy was never flat and she was such a chubby child so she never thought of wearing a bikini. Three years ago, she had a problem in losing weight and didn’t know if what she’s doing was right or wrong until he met Paulyn Quiza, a personal and online trainer and functional training specialist. Since then little by little, she lost weight and her muscles started getting more toned.

In her IG post, she wrote:

Still a long way to go but with the love and support of those I love, I know the journey will be worth it.”

“So today I celebrate my struggles, my strengths, my weaknesses and my victories.”

“I celebrate all the women out there, all shapes and sizes. Know you are not alone in your struggles. I celebrate YOU! I celebrate Life!”

Photo: jackielou.blanco/Instagram

It was in September 2017 when Jackie Lou first shared her journey to fitness including details of her diet and work-out routine prepared by Pau. She claimed everything had changed when she met her fitness coach and began watching the food that she eats together with regular workouts and training.

Jackie Lou also lessened her sugar and dairy intake until she shed off weight gradually and became leaner and stronger. She then claimed that in order to achieve a toned and sexy body, one should be disciplined and consistent in workouts and eating healthy food.

Above all, she is grateful for finding a personal fitness coach who guided her all throughout her fitness journey.

“Thank you so much Pau for taking care of me. I have never been happier with how my body is now.”

“You are such a gift to me and all of us you take care of. So much love and respect for you.”

Photo: jackielou.blanco/Instagram

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