Heartbroken Man Writes a Love Letter For His Ex-Wife on Valentine’s Day

It is a major conception of a lot of people that Valentine’s Day is only for couples. Because of mainstream media and various commercials and gimmicks during the Hearts’ Day, our views toward this day is manipulated.

Celebrating this special day comes in different shapes and forms, and that includes this brokenhearted man. Instead of celebrating it with someone he loves, he uses this day to address a touching love letter for his ex-wife.

[Image Credit: Jhei Reyes / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jhei Reyes / Facebook]

Took Advantage of Valentine’s Day

Ending a relationship with someone you love is probably one of the toughest things to do. An unexpected breakup will surely leave a big hole in the life of these people. A brokenhearted man named Jhei Reyes has undergone a painful breakup with his ex-wife and took advantage of Valentine’s Day to pour his heart away.

Even if he is still brokenhearted for unspecified reasons and the wife already filed for an annulment, he still cares deeply for his wife.

And siguro kahit may kanya kanya na tayong Buhay di padin mawawala na ikaw padin ang Unang Pinakasalan ko at unang babaeng Minahal ko ng Sobra Sobra.

[Image Credit: Jhei Reyes / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jhei Reyes / Facebook]

Broke the Hearts of Many Netizens

The controversial yet touching post have already been viewed and shared by many netizens in social media. Whether you are single or happily in a relationship, you will surely shed a tear after reading the man’s post.

Jhei’s letter moved a lot of people. It has been shared for more than 24,000 times and received more than 44,000 reactions. It also inspired a lot of people to continuously show their love to their loved ones or they will regret it after.

You may see the whole post here:

However, Jhei posted another status that his ex-wife already talked to him. Instead of receiving the answer that he wants, his ex became angry after seeing the post shared on different pages and groups.

[Image Credit: Jhei Reyes / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jhei Reyes / Facebook]
If you are in this heartbroken man’s shoes, will you also express your feelings towards your ex-wife or husband through a Facebook status? If you are in the ex-wife’s shoes, what will you feel?

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