Grab Driver Seeks Justice after Getting Attacked by Passenger Who Left Phone in His Grab Car

A Grab driver has sought the help of police and also shared his plight on social media after getting attacked by a passenger who had left his phone in the Grab car. The said passenger accused the Grab driver of stealing his phone even though the driver had actually reported the matter to Grab when he found the phone and even drove all the way back to where he dropped the passenger, just to return the item!

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Grab driver Kiel Nigel Yabut narrated the story of how he had picked up passenger Jinno Jhon P Simon at 12:21AM on February 9 and brought him to Kamuning. He drove home afterwards, ready to call it a day.

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It was at this point that he found the phone left by the passenger. So, he immediately called Grab to seek help in contacting the passenger so he could return the phone in the morning. After all, it was already dawn and Kamuning was far from his home.

Minutes later, however, his own phone rang; it was the passenger, asking him to bring the phone to Kamuning. He told the passenger he’d return it in the morning as it was already dawn but Simon insisted, telling him they had an emergency and needed the phone. You really can’t say “No” to that kind of situation; thus, Yabut agreed to bring the phone then.

Photo credit: Kiel Nigel Yabut / Facebook

Simon told Yabut he’d pay for the driver as ‘fare’ for him to bring the phone to Kamuning but the kind Grab driver refused, telling him he will do it for free as long as his passenger’s gadget is returned.

But when he arrived at Kamuning, Yabut did not get “Thanks” from the passenger; instead, he was attacked and accused of stealing the phone! Then, he was brought to the barangay hall where he was forced to admit the crime he didn’t commit.

Photo credit: Kiel Nigel Yabut / Facebook

Deeply hurt over what happened to him, Yabut shared his plight on social media. A lot of netizens advised drivers to just bring gadgets left by passengers to the nearest police station and letting them claim these there, to prevent things like this from happening again. Poor Yabut.