Gladys Reyes Becomes Emotional While Reminiscing Past Trial, Claims God Answered Her Prayer

Gladys became emotional as she reminisces what happened during the time her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In ABS-CBN’s “Magandang Buhay” episode on Wednesday, Gladys Reyes shared how her mother battled breast cancer until she became cancer-free. She admitted she became worried at that time because she didn’t have a project but God had answered her prayer and she was able to provide for her mother’s entire medication.

Photo: iamgladysreyes/InstagramGladys was pregnant when they’ve found out her mother’s condition in which she had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Considering the cost of each session, she knew that numerous sessions which mommy Zeny needs would entail a large amount of money.  Though she knew that husband Christopher Roxas could help them out with mommy Zeny’s treatment, Gladys felt it was her obligation to support her needs being her daughter.

Photo: iamgladysreyes/Instagram

Gladys recalled that Nay Solis (Lolit Solis) called her one day and said that she would do a commercial. At first, she doubted because she was in the last trimester of her pregnancy.  However, Nay Solis confirmed that the project was really for her and she was the client’s choice for the commercial.

While reminiscing, she cried and became emotional.

Gladys happily shared that mommy Zeny is now in good health and is already free from cancer.  She claimed that it was her faith that made it possible for her mother to become a survivor for 8 years.

When asked of her wish, Gladys claimed all that she wished for, is to be with her parents for a long time.

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