Former Actress Jennica Garcia Impresses Netizens with Her Amazing Ways to Earn Money

Last December 11, 2017, former actress and hands-on mother Jennica Garcia- Uytingco confirms her second pregnancy with her husband, Alwyn Uytingco, wherein she also mentioned on her Instagram account that she’s having a ‘difficult’ time with her pregnancy.

But nothing’s stopping her from doing things that she used to do, including earning money.

Image: Kalinga Ni Nanay via Facebook

Recently, she impressed netizens on how she managed to earn a living by putting up an Ukay-Ukay store in their subdivision. On January 24, 2018, she shared a photo on her Instagram account inviting people to visit her ukay-ukay.

According to her post, she sells a wide variety of things like furniture, clothes, shoes, books, cooking equipment, exercise equipment, and some baby supplies.

Image: Kalinga Ni Nanay via Facebook

It’s really impressive to see how organized and hands-on she is with her business. She even gave directions to her ukay-ukay shop near Visayas Avenue.

Really impressive!

Not only that, she also manages ‘Kalinga ni Nanay’, a brand that specializes in infant needs. Jennica also holds workshops and talks about potty training and cloth diapering, making her a certified “natural infant hygiene consultant” under Go Diaper Free, an organization that advocates early potty training.

Image: Kalinga Ni Nanay via Facebook

She’s also making dolls! WOW! She sells handmade dolls made from sustainable, organic and local materials.

Jennica Garcia-Uytingco is really inspiring. Despite being the only daughter of Jean and Jigo Garcia, she’s never hesitant to show people how she lives a simple life and does different things on how to earn money while at home taking care of her daughter.

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