Female Backrider Not Wearing Helmet, Attacks Traffic Cops after Getting Ticketed Twice in 15 Minutes

Traffic cops just enforcing the law were attacked by a woman they ticketed for not wearing a helmet twice in the span of 15 minutes. How did it happen?

In a post on Facebook page Gadget Addict, a woman could be seen attacking a traffic enforcer who took a video of the altercation as evidence. It turned out the woman was angry that they were ticketed because she was not wearing a helmet; but the woman was angrier because she thinks the traffic enforcers were laughing at them.

Photo credit: Gadget Addict / Facebook

The post revealed, however, that the video was taken the second time the woman and the male driver were asked by the enforcers to stop because she was not wearing a helmet.

According to the traffic enforcer named ‘JV’, they had stopped the woman at Road 3 because she was not wearing a helmet. The woman got angry because she had a helmet but was holding it in her arm – of course, that’s not the proper way to wear a helmet; thus, the traffic enforcers issued them a ticket.

The woman became abusive, accusing one of the traffic enforcers of laughing at her. After someone explained the procedure to her and giving her the name of the officer she thinks was mocking her, the group moved on knowing there was no use trying to talk some sense into someone acting this way.

Fifteen minutes later, the group of traffic enforcers was at Visayas Avenue when the spotted the same pair, with the woman not wearing her helmet again!

Photo credit: Gadget Addict / Facebook

This time, the woman got angrier and attacked the traffic enforcers. She insisted that she had been wearing her helmet a while ago but because they bought some food, she took it off and placed the food inside. Errrrr.

So, the food is more important than her head? A traffic officer patiently explained to her that they are only doing this for her own safety. They certainly weren’t ‘power tripping’ but only wanted the riding public to follow the traffic rules so they can stay safe on the road. Sigh.

Watch the video here:

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