Employer of a Rescued Domestic Helper in Saudi Arabia Beats Her in Front of the Staff of Her Agency

***** of our Overseas Filipino Workers in different countries, most especially from different parts of the Middle East, are being revealed one by one. It is a sad thing to hear stories of OFWs working all over the world who are being maltreated by their employers.

Another case of abused OFW in Saudi Arabia is now circulating online. In a Facebook post by Magparo Jho Anna, she is asking help to share her post to help her cousin, Mayen Daal Apas who hails from Davo City. According to Magparo, her cousin is working as a domestic helper in Dammam, Saudi Arabia when she told them that she needs immediate rescue.

What Happened to The Domestic Helper?

The last time that Mayen contacted her family was when she pleaded for help. The poor domestic helper was rescued by her agency from the hands of her abusive employers before. However, in less than 24 hours, her employer went to the agency and forcefully took her.

The employer beat the domestic helper in front of the people in the office, even when the staff of the agency are watching.

[Image Credit: Magparo Jho Anna / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Magparo Jho Anna / Facebook]

Maltreated by Employers

Magparo also added that Mayen is working for almost 24 hours every day. She starts working at 5 in the morning and ends by 1 AM the next day. She only eats a neck of a chicken boiled in hot water, resulting in her drastic weight loss.

Her employer even threatened her that if she will not come back to their family to work, she has to pay a huge amount of money or they will not give her papers back. Her mobile phone, clothes, money, and passport are being held by the said people too.

Their OFW’s family already asked help from the agency again but they were being passed from one person to another. The last time they talked to Mayen, she’s crying non-stop and really scared.

[Image Credit: Magparo Jho Anna / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Magparo Jho Anna / Facebook]
It is sad to hear that things like this happen. Our OFWs are working abroad to give their families better lives, but they end up losing their lives instead.

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