Ellen Adarna’s Moving On Message on Instagram Stories Sparks Controversies

It is not surprising if a celebrity’s social media post sparks controversies. However, if it is connected to another celebrity, a lot of people starts to make speculations.

The latest Instagram post of Kapamilya actress Ellen Adarna is one of the most talked about news now. A lot of people were left wondering: is she pointing to somebody else?

[Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram and Angelica Panganiban / Instagram]
[Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram and Angelica Panganiban / Instagram]
The actress posted a scene from the movie “Meet Joe Black” in her Instagram Stories. This particular scene was taken where the main character, Anthony Hopkins, asks Brad Pitt:

It’s hard to let go, isn’t it?

With Brad Pitt answering:

Yes, it is Bill.

[Image Credit: Amitoj Gautam / Youtube]
[Image Credit: Amitoj Gautam / Youtube]

What Is The Reason Behind It?

The said Instagram Story controversy started after Angelica Panganiban’s interview. Angelica is the ex-girlfriend of John Lloyd Cruz, Ellen’s current flame, and the two dated for two years before their controversial split that became the center of attention for quite some time.

During the interview, Angelica admitted that she had a hard time moving on from her past relationship with the Home Sweetie Home actor.

[Image Credit: Angelica Panganiban / Instagram]
[Image Credit: Angelica Panganiban / Instagram]

Revelation From a Conclusion

The actress also revealed that she and her ex-boyfriend never really broken up. She did not mention any names, but a lot of people knows that she is referring to John Lloyd Cruz.

Yung pinakamalala yung di ka brineakan tapos ikaw parang, ha? Akala ko tayo? Tapos kung gusto mo mang kausapin, di mo mahagilap. Di mo makausap.

[Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram]
[Image Credit:Ellen Adarna / Instagram]
The series of videos posted which starred John Lloyd and Ellen pushed Angelica to think that their relationship is finally over.

Mukhang may signal naman siya kasi may mga videos na lumalabas na nasa island sila, sumasayaw sila. So sabi ko sila na siguro, di lang ako na-inform.

[Image Credit: Ellen Adarna / Instagram]
[Image Credit:Ellen Adarna / Instagram]
Despite all the heartaches she felt, the Kapamilya actress clarified that she is okay now and she is just waiting for full forgiveness. She also stressed that forgiving is for herself and not for anyone else.

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