Cops Made Old Man Smash Own Muffler, Motorcycle Company Gives Him a New Motorcycle after Story Goes Viral

In the Philippines, you will see a lot of old motorcycles and cars still being used on the road. They are loud, they are dangerous, but they are the only things their owners can afford, really.

Now, there are laws against these rickety, old vehicles on the road but many call these anti-poor.

Photo credit: Wheeltek Nationwide (Official) / Facebook

In Valencia, Bukidnon, an old man named Elizardo Berbo was caught at a checkpoint as he was driving his 10-year-old motorcycle. Due to its age, the old motorcycle was loud and no longer road-worthy.

Instead of turning a blind eye and letting the old man go (we aren’t recommending that, of course, as there are other ways to solve this), the cops took out the old man’s muffler because it was against the law for being too loud. The worst part was when he was asked to smash the muffler, just like the other people who violated the law.

Photo credit: Wheeltek Nationwide (Official) / Facebook

It must have broken this poor old man’s heart to smash the muffler, especially knowing he isn’t likely able to afford buying a new one!

Netizens slammed the heartless cops for letting the old man do this but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

As people angrily berated the cops, many would soon call for richer ones to pool funds to buy him a muffler or better yet, a new motorcycle. These calls were heard by motorcycle dealership Wheeltek.

The dealership would later post on its Facebook page:

Photo credit: Wheeltek Nationwide (Official) / Facebook

This is our way of giving back to people in need. Not too long ago tatay Elizardo Berbo’s incident became viral. Pictures of him being apprehended by traffic enforcers in Valencia Bukidnon due to loud muffler and letting him smash his own muffler.

Tatay Elizardo has been with his motorcycle for 10 years now and with the help of Atty. Genardo C. Cadigal City Administrator of Valencia, we at Wheeltek motor sales corporation and TVS Motors Philippines contacted Tatay Elizardo and delivered the brandnew TVS XL100 as a gift.

We know Tatay Elizardo loves to ride his motorcycle and we won’t let a simple incident hinder his passion for riding. This is our way of paying it forward, to Tatay Elizardo enjoy your new bike and we know that it will serve you well since TVS bikes are built to last. Stay safe and ride safe, Tatay!!!

Photo credit: Wheeltek Nationwide (Official) / Facebook

Isn’t that wonderful? While it broke his heart to smash the muffler of his old motorcycle, it was a good thing it happened and the story went viral because he now has a brand new motorcycle given to him for free!

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